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City should be astute in talks with county

Dear Editor,

As many of you already know, I am firmly against the placement of the new jail in the heart of Oregon, as it would be an overwhelming blemish on our unique community with no overriding benefits accruing to Oregon. 

In fact, I have not heard of nor seen any advantage to Oregon because of the jail expressed by our council members. 

Have you? Makes one wonder.  

Sixth Street is owned by the City of Oregon and is to be managed by the city council in the best interest of the owner. The council does not own the street. 

Through some fancy legal manipulation, the county may end up with Sixth Street, but I have seen in the local paper that they want to negotiate with the city.  

Fine. Negotiate.  

However, the city council must be prepared to obtain what is right and fair for Oregon or walk away from the table. 

The county has expressed how important Sixth Street is to them.  

So for starters, is it worth $15,000,000 to them?   

An astute city negotiator might be able to get that or more plus a number of other concessions from the county. 

The Oregon City Council need not, nor should not, fold to the wishes of the county. 


Roger Etnyre


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